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                                     Volo Volo de Boston-Caressé 1975 (first album released)------

After the release of this album in 1975, Volo Volo de Boston became one of the leading TOP 5 Haitian Bands leading the charts in the HMI, Haitian Music Industry, Kompa category. The reason for this was very clear. The album was a "smash hit" featuring six hit songs: Caresse, Amour Volo, Hep Camarade, Riviem Simalo, Piece Nan Do and Regrets. A FORMIDABLE REALIZATION. The band toured extensively during that period travelling here and abroad with 2 lead vocalists: Ricot Mazarin and Ti Manno. There were also Hans Felix, guitarist and band leader; Laud Jn Jacques, Keyboard; Eddy Charles, Jersaint Charles, defunct Moise Desir on Sax Alto, Serge Fleury, Eddy Catan and Fritz Felix. Emmanuel Charles, whose picture is featured on the back cover, was the former sax player prior to Moise Desir for a couple of years.

In retrospect, the group was founded in 1969 in the Boston area under a different name "Haiti Combo" . However, in citing the shorter version of this biography, there were prior musicians who gave their time and talent in the making. Their names are too many to mention here. But, the following name cannot go without mention: ERIC BRENEUS, a formidable lead vocalist, perhaps not as popular as he really should have been, contributed much energy and talent to this group before the arrival of Ti-Manno and Ricot Mazarin. He truly was the "Nelson Ned" for the Haitian people during those years in the Boston area performing weekly at the memorable " La Selecte Club, on Blue Hill ave )" Exactly at the location of the current Boston Police Dept. Corner of Blue Hill and Morton Street.

These young and talented men  were dedicated and relentless. Some of them came from very renowned groups as " Hans Felix from Les Ambassadeurs" , Ti Manno from " Les Diables du Rythme de St Marc" and the Charles' Brothers and cousin from "Les Fantaisistes de Carrefour" . Hence, they were not new to the HMI and definitely were no fly by night Amateurs and  knew how to do it well. The Haitian Community of Boston was very lucky to have had the opportunity to be entertained by these young and fruitful musicians at a time when there was literally  no prior form of entertainment. The community was , to put it bluntly, DEAD.....

Volo Volo was the new phenomenon: HOT as Hell & SWEET as Sugar and was in demand everywhere after the first cover release. But, their first offer for a big tour to Haiti caused a schism among the members. Some agreed to go and some did not agree. But, their decision to accept this tour was proven to be premature as it was catalystic to their first break up... Unfortunately, for a couple of the members, it was a horrible experience as their lives were exposed to much danger when it was time to return home to Boston. As they say in Kreyol " Apre Fet Tambou Lou " which could be translated as "After The Party, The Drums Are Heavy".  In all candor, everyone suffered consequently including their fans around the globe. Noone was happy about this break up. Thus, it was destined to be and so it was. The group was divided. Ti Manno, Ricot Mazarin, Eddy Charles, Moise Destin and Fritz Felixwere all gone as a consequence of that decision and perhaps more. This division also marked the end of that synergy.

2nd Phase:  The band was re-grouped thereafter within a year with new members: FEQUIERE LUCIEN, LEAD VOCALIST; CHRIS BAZILE, LEAD VOCALIST; EDOUARD SALVANT, RYTHM GUITAR; PRESSOIR DESRUISSEAUX, PERCUSSION and Emmanuel Charles on Sax again.The group practiced religiously with a passion for a few months to ensure an outstanding performance as their re-appearance was long overdue. Their first concert was sold out indeed at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. It is a historic night needless to say. Not long thereafter (1979), the group released their 2nd album called, LA NATURE.La Nature was noticeable for its new sound which not only featured the new members, but also featured a new horn section which constituted a Trombone, Trompette, a Tenor SAX and an Alto SAX. It was a new era. The kompa industry was changing as such. Other bands were already featuring the full horn sound and in order to remain competitive, it was inevitably the right thing to do. "La Nature" album featured songs are; La nature, Do It, Serenade Compas, RARA and Fe kow sekwe, (Baby let's dance). Volo Volo de Boston enjoyed continued success with their new release in the Kompa category.

 In 1980, The group put together another album labeled: NOU NAN ROUTE . This album featured five songs: Nou Nan Route, Zanmi, Minouche, Melodie and Manman. This album featured 3 hit songs in it that rocked the charts. They were Nou Nan Route, Minouche and Melodie.

Following the aforementioned albums were: "14 karat Gold" Album which featured Hit songs like " Bagaille la dominem", Gacon Pale, Party Time, Stephanie-- The next Album: " Vive Compas " featured great songs like, Caresse Remix, Lagem poum vole, Respekte Piblik etc. Following these albums was another Legendary Album by the name of "MET KAFOU" whose featured hit songs are "Met Kafou", "Kraze Maket" "Madan Marye"...and a host of other albums that can be viewed at other sites as well.

With these songs, Volo Volo de Boston enjoyed continued success and toured abroad to places like Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyanne Francaise, Paris, Panama, Canada and across the United States........The complete and unabridged Biography of Volo Volo de Boston will be available in upcoming book.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Fequiere Lucien, CEO, Author 

At the Lantana 2014

Copley Plaza 1978 with Diane Rizza

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